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Classification of Motorcycle exhaust Pipe

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Motorcycle Exhaust pipe is a very important motorcycle part, refitting motorcycles to feel the most intuitive parts except tires is exhaust. The exhaust pipe is divided into back pressure pipe and straight exhaust pipe. What is the difference between the two exhaust pipes? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Here is a description of the characteristics of these two exhaust gases in terms of structure and principle.


1、straight exhaust pipe

Advantages: smooth exhaust, strong torque at high speed and large power

Disadvantages: poor low-speed torque and high noise

The inside of the straight-through pipe is not provided with a separation plate and the like, and only the noise of the silencing cotton barrier part is covered outside the straight-through pipe, and the exhaust gas is directly discharged under the condition of no blocking, and the explosion sound is emitted under the severe expansion. In addition, the relationship between the low rotation speed and the exhaust valve overlap time can cause the mixed gas of the combustion chamber to flow out, the straight-through pipe diameter is large and the design is convenient, the flow rate of the exhaust gas is naturally slow when the low-speed rotating speed is low, and therefore, the low-speed weakness is caused. In the high-speed state of the reverse view, the exhaust gas discharged in a large amount is not blocked, and the power can be fully played out.



2、back pressure exhaust pipe

Advantages: low noise and good response at low speed

Disadvantages: affect the output of high rotation power


The back pressure exhaust pipe uses the volume change of the partition, silencer or tube to produce the pressure of the general return cylinder. When the engine ignites and explodes, push the piston down and then open the exhaust valve, the pressure returned from the exhaust pipe will block the exhaust gas from flushing out, so that the combustion pressure can continuously push the piston down to the dead point. On the contrary, if the return pressure is too high, it will cause the exhaust gas can not be discharged out of the cylinder, resulting in low intake efficiency, thus reducing the combustion efficiency and affecting the engine power output.




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