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The difference between motorcycel aluminum wheels rims and steel rims

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We are supply motorcycle spoke wheels since 2009, more than 10 years of production experience. The main sales markets are Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc. And provide OEM services to some well-known motorcycle brands.

Currently, we can offer two materials motorcycle spoke wheels rims, steel rims and 7116 aluminum wheels rims. Aluminum rims and steel rims have different advantages and disadvantages, steel rims Advantages: strong and reliable, the surface is hard, the chrome gloss is very beautiful, the price is not expensive! Disadvantages: Slightly heavy, long time (such as 7-8 years later), or improper protection if it is improperly rusted. Aluminum wheels rims Advantages: light, high strength (off-road bikes wheels), mirror silver, is also very beautiful, gloss and chrome are not much different (slightly silvery and bright), anodized surface treatment, many colors, no rust. Disadvantages: The surface hardness of aluminum is not as hard as steel, it is easy to scratch on the surface when install tires, and the price is slightly expensive. But this two materials of dirt bike wheels is very beautiful.

We can supply many types of aluminum motorcycle wheels rims and steel rims. There are two kinds of steel rims: ordinary ring (WM type with equivalent aluminum ring, generally width ≤ 2.15 inches), and MT type spinning bead ring (generally ≥ 2.15 inches). There are more types of aluminum motorcycle rims, such as WM, MT, H, and U models, and the models are more complete. For the specific pattern, refer to the below picture.


Our motorcycle wheels need to pass quality inspection before mass production, such as spoke tension test, Wheel rim anti-pressure test, and CMM tolerance test of cnc forged hub.


After ensuring that each motorcycle wheels parts have a good quality, we will assemble it. The three key points of the knitting wheels are: 1. Radial runout (lost without losing the circle, no jump) 2, the end face is beating (the left and right are not shaking). 3. Whether the installation torque of the wire spokes meets the standard. (The spoke cap can't be too tight or loose)

We are install torque standard can reach to the Honda company's factory requirements, and the bounce in both directions is controlled within 1MM.

We can also provide other types of motorcycle wheels such as forged motorcycle wheels, casting motorcycle wheels, and special customized service.


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