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Motorcycle Brake Disc and Modification

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Motorcycle braking system is very important for us to drive motorcycles. A good braking system can protect us. Motorcycles without brakes can not stop safely. Some relevant knowledge of braking system is still very necessary to master, after all, it is related to our safety.


The brake system is mainly divided into two systems: disc brake and drum brake. Because of the structure design, the disc brake is mainly designed to check the brake oil stock and the thickness of the clamp; the drum brake can be judged by the screw depth at the end of the connecting rod, generally there will be a safety mark scale, if the screw position exceeds the scale, the brake skin should be replaced. The brake system is very important and the key to driving safety. 


Drum brake (Drum brakes), general drum brake consists of a rotating part, fixed part, driving part and positioning adjustment device. It is composed of brake bottom plate, brake sub-pump, brake shoe and other related connecting rods, springs, tip nails and brake drums. Only commonly used in the rear wheel.


What is the difference between disc brake and drum brake: the more sensitive the brake pad is to the brake, the more compact the brake disc is divided into ordinary disc type and ventilator disc type. 

Ordinary disk form is easier for us to understand, to put it bluntly, it is solid. Ventilation disk (Vented Disc), as the name implies, has the effect of ventilation, which means that the centrifugal force produced by the automobile in the exercise can make the air convective and achieve the purpose of heat dissipation, which is determined by the special structure of the disc. On the outside, it has many holes leading to the center of the circle on the circumference, which is made by a special process (slotted & drill). As a result of the manufacturing process and cost, the front-and back-ventilation disks are commonly used in the high-and-high-grade motorcycles. It is worth mentioning that the use of a floating disc in front wheels is gradually replacing the use of a solid disc.

Nowadays, more and more people are modifying the brake, which is a good trend, which shows that the motorcycle friends have been able to realize the weakness of the braking force of the original factory to modify the braking system to improve the safety and stability of braking.



Many motorcycle riders simply replace one caliper, which is not quite correct for modifying the brake, because the brake is only part of the system. Therefore, the correct brake modification, first of all, it is necessary to replace a suitable upper pump to drive the whole braking system, and then use the steel roar to connect the pump with the caliper.The modified steel roar (brake tubing) has better anti-expansion property, combined with high-quality brake oil so that the attenuation of braking at a high temperature can be reduced. Then there are two-way multi-piston calipers, with large diameter porous floating disk, which is helpful to the heat dissipation of brake disc. 


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