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    Why do motorcycle exhaust pipes emit black and white smoke?

    Fault analysis:  (1) when the engine works, if the exhaust pipe will have blue smoke discharge, the possible phenomenon is that the oil consumption is too fast, the failure may be due to the excessive oil quantity, the compression pressure of the cylinder is lower than the specified value, th
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    The Difference of the Motorcycle wheels

    Two types of motorcycle wheels are common in the market, one of which is a spoke wheels. The two type wheels each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Pick the wheel that suits you to go further and see the more beautiful scenery. We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two w
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    Motorcycle Brake Disc and Modification

    Motorcycle braking system is very important for us to drive motorcycles. A good braking system can protect us. Motorcycles without brakes can not stop safely. Some relevant knowledge of braking system is still very necessary to master, after all, it is related to our safety. The brake system is main
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    The difference between motorcycel aluminum wheels rims and steel rims

    We are supply motorcycle spoke wheels since 2009, more than 10 years of production experience. The main sales markets are Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc. And provide OEM services to some well-known motorcycle brands.Currently, we can offer two materials motorcyc
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    Classification of Motorcycle exhaust Pipe

    Motorcycle Exhaust pipe is a very important motorcycle part, refitting motorcycles to feel the most intuitive parts except tires is exhaust.
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    The difference between motorcycle dry clutch and wet clutch! tell you how to choose!

    The clutch is one of many essential components of a motorcycle, it is operated by pulling or releasing the clutch lever with the left hand, The clutch connects the driving shaft and driven shaft, and transfers the power from the engine to the rear wheel. Clutches are normally designed as single-plat
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    Do remember to change your motorcycle oil filter at appropriate intervals!

    An efficient oil filter is crucial to the engine operating system!As you known, it is very important to keep the motor oil clean,as unfiltered oil will become saturated with tiny,hard particles increasingly,and these impurities will wear inner components of the engine and even lead to serious engine
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    Why do you need two pieces clip-on handlebars on your motorcycle ?

    What are clip-on handlebars and why would you need to install them on your street/racing bike ?Racers choose clip-on handlebars for a number of different reasons,one of the biggest reasons is going to be much much easier to install!Let's imagine that you are going to a track day and are enjoying a r
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    Why is it important to change your motorcycle tyres and brake pads ?

    An objective fact is that when slowing a bike from high speed,pressing metal on metal isn't going to work well,while the tyres might work to provide more force of friction,but if your tyres has been worn to the limit,they will not be capable of providing safe brakings especially in wet condition ,as
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    Why do you need to repair ,even replace the valves frequently ?

    Do you know why you need to adjust or repair ,even replace the valves after a certain amount of kilometers riding? It is owing to how the valves work!It is very easy to explain how the valves work theoretically: the cam pushes the valves down into the cylinder against the spring,so gases can flow in
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