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The Difference of the Motorcycle wheels

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Two types of motorcycle wheels are common in the market, one of which is a spoke wheels. The two type wheels each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Pick the wheel that suits you to go further and see the more beautiful scenery. We will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two wheels.


In the last century, spoke wheels was the standard match on motorcycle. The original intention of using spoke wheels was to save production cost. At that time, the production technology of cast aluminum alloy wheel hub was not developed now, let alone forging wheel hub. At that time, spoke hub was lighter and lower cost than aluminum alloy cast wheels. With the rapid development of industry, aluminum alloy wheels are more mature and diversified. Now most motorcycles have adopted aluminum alloy wheels as the standard of motorcycles.


Aluminum alloy casting wheels


The advantages are as follows:


The maintenance is not required, unlike the regular or severe driving of the spoke hub, the steel wire can be adjusted, and the rigidity is more sufficient, and the road feeling and the controllability of the road driving are more favorable.




The texture is more brittle, if there is a strong impact can easily lead to more serious deformation and crack, resulting in tire leakage, the subsequent formation is not recommended for long-distance motorized brigades.


Spoke wheels:


The advantages are as follows:


It can accept strong impact force, so the cross-country model of ADV car is widely used, and the impact will be dispersed to each spoke to reduce the impact force, so it is not easy to break or crack. It is suitable for cycling for a long time.




The rigidity is poor, the driving special control on the highway is not as clear as the aluminum alloy hub, and the spoke of the wheels needs to be adjusted in the later stage.



The two hubs each have their own strengths, and their proper hubs will be chosen to see a more distant world.



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