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Why is it important to change your motorcycle tyres and brake pads ?

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An objective fact is that when slowing a bike from high speed,pressing metal on metal isn't going to work well,while the tyres might work to provide more force of friction,but if your tyres has been worn to the limit,they will not be capable of providing safe brakings especially in wet condition ,as they can't shift water anywhere near but they should do.

So you should inspect your tyres regularly and replace them timely!The legal minimum tread depth of a motorcycle tyre (over 50cc) is 1mm across three quarters of the width of the pattern, with visible tread on the remaining quarter,you can do some preliminary diagnosis by yourself.

Another objective fact is that brake pads are always neglected when changing the tyres,it may be hard to see the pads on your bike ,but it is the same indispensable for a safy braking,we strongly suggest you to look over the brake pads and fluids as frequently as the tyres,or you will cost more than a pair of tyres!



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