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Motorcycle Racing Radiators

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The hard facts

The more horsepower an engine develops the more heat it creates. Once an engine reaches around 85°C  you start loosing power and at about 118°C you could loose 6-7 HP and ultimately risks the threat of serious damage. Cooling problems are a major cause of failures in all types of racing: the radiator is important to the performance and longevity of your racing engine.

How does it work

The radiator removes the engines unused heat. This is accomplished by the fluid which carries the heat out of the engine into the radiator. Once in the radiator the fluid moves through the tube/fin where the engine’s heat is dissipated.

Why an Aluminum Racing Radiator

The tubes in the radiator are the primary source of cooling, while the heat sinks are secondary. Since pipes are much more expensive than fins, most stock/OEM heatsinks increase the number of fins to reduce the number of expensive pipes required. A good aluminum racing radiator requires only the opposite pipe surface for primary cooling, and fewer heat sinks can be cooled more efficiently. An increase in the number of heat sinks on the stock/OEM heat sink can also adversely affect the performance of the heat sink. Since the extra fins allow less space for dirt and debris to pass through, the air required for heat dissipation becomes more difficult to pass through the heat sink.

The other two benefits of aluminum racing radiators are strength and weight. Most aluminum racing radiators weld the fuel tank to the pipe instead of being brazed or sealed with epoxy. This makes the radiator more rugged and more capable of withstanding harsh races.

Why Choose Us

Every radiator we sell is hand made. All the components are brazed with Nocolok flux and then tig welded to ensure that the radiator will pass the test of time and stress encountered in a racing season.

We are cheap compared to the top brands but our quality is great.


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