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The difference between motorcycle dry clutch and wet clutch! tell you how to choose!

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The clutch is one of many essential components of a motorcycle, it is operated by pulling or releasing the clutch lever with the left hand, The clutch connects the driving shaft and driven shaft, and transfers the power from the engine to the rear wheel. Clutches are normally designed as dry clutch and wet clutch based on its cooling method.

As the name suggests, a dry clutch is a type of clutch that is not bathed in liquid, it is in contact with the atmosphere directly, which means there is no lubrication provided to it and the main cooling method is air cooling. while wet clutches are bathed in engine oil, the primary purpose behind this special design is to cool the clutch pack and provide lubrication to absorb lots of abuse.

A wet clutch is a more popular choice currently, as wet clutches tend to offer a nice wide engagement threshold that makes them pretty easy to use, they also last a long time and they tend to be quite a bit quieter than dry clutched, it is much more suitable for novices or the driving environment needs a lot of stop-and-go

But on the flip side, wet clutches will create a bit of fluid drag while spinning in oil, and those drags will consume some of the engine's power, while a dry clutch can offer more horsepower going to the rear wheel and possesses the advantage of faster reaction.

So just to summarize, A wet clutch adopts a better cooling and lubrication way resulting in long time service and more quietness, A dry clutch are noisier and vulnerable but more powerful and responsive, you can make your decision based on your driving conditions.



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