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Chain excessive noise

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What is it?

Chain excessive noise refers to when you ride the motorcycle , you can hear clearly uncomfortable chain noise.

What cause it?

1.Misalignment of sprocket can cause this problem.

2.Loose casings or bearings may also cause this issure.

3.Too little or too much slack can cause the noise.

4.Chain or sprocket wear too much.

5.Inadequate lubrication or no lubrication can cause it.

6.Chain pitch size too large can also cause it.

How to solve the problem?

1.You can realign sprockets and shafts.

2.If the problem is still exist , try to tighten set-bolts.

3.You can adjust center or idler take-up.

4.Try to replace chain or sprocket .

5.Lubricate your chain properly and try again.

6.If you can not solve it, then check chain drive.


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